Temperature Screening Thermal Cameras

JB Services Group is now offering a professional and reliable solution for businesses that are eager to get back to work safely.

Temperature Screening Thermal Cameras are a simple but accurate way to spot the virus before it has time to spread through a workforce.

They can be effective in protecting your colleagues, customers and clients as we all adapt to a new way of working.

This technology is being tested in airports, restaurants, hospitals and construction sites across the UK.

The cameras can screen a number of people at any one time and, by connecting to software on your company laptops and tablets, will send out discreet alerts if a high temperature is detected.

At JBSG, we understand the challenges that so many businesses face while trying to prioritise the health and safety of their team.

Therefore, we are now offering local, cost-effective solutions that include…

⭐Full installation and maintenance services for Temperature Screening Thermal Cameras

⭐Available with Density Management Systems, ideal for shops, restaurants, and offices

⭐And optional upgrades to Facial Recognition Software

Get in touch ☎️ if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you get back to work as safely as possible.

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