Thermal Camera Installation

Last week we installed a temperature screening camera in the JB Associates HQ.

The camera now lives at the main entrance to their offices, scanning each person on entry and detecting those with a high temperature (a key symptom of COVID-19).

After installation, the JBA team tested out their new technology by approaching the office entrance with a glass of hot water. The camera not only detects the high temperature, but it also singles out the source of the heat and sends automatic, image captured alerts via email to their company directors.

Julian Butler, JBA Financial Directors says,

‘While we have put several health and safety procedures in place in our offices, a temperature screening camera has added a really important line of defence, one that we feel is minimising risk and protecting our team. The camera itself looks great; it can detect heat from a far enough distance to be non-obtrusive and it fits in perfectly with its surroundings. Most importantly, we have so far found that this camera is highly effective in heat detection and the alerts to my email are quick and informative.

At JBSG, we are offering free site surveys to help you decide which camera package would best suit your business. Get in touch to see how we can help you get back to work safely.

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