JB Services installs Thermal Camera (for free!) at local school

Dimension Build and JB Services Group have donated the risk-reducing and protective technology to a local school, after seeing first-hand the community’s fear after a COVID-19 scare.

For some, self-isolation is only a small inconvenience. However, there can be huge knock-on effects that a compulsory 2-week isolation may have for whole families, their livelihood and their income.

Therefore, JB Services Group and Dimension Build decided to get involved and do their bit to support the local community. With Dimension donating the camera, our team was then able to install it for free at the site of Pennington Junior school.

Dimension Build is local building company that offers everything from home renovations to expert concrete services. They have previously worked closely with both schools, building pathways and pergola areas for the school. Donating a thermal camera and assisting with the installation was just another way to support the community in which their team live and work.

Jim Clark, director of Dimension Build, grew up in Pennington and has been providing construction services across The New Forest for the last 25 years. He stated that ‘it is really important that the whole team at Dimension Build gets involved with as many local projects as possible. We were over the moon to be able to donate a camera to the school, especially in the current climate’.

The camera, installed last week, has eased the return of students for the end of term and will be essential in the full re-opening come September.

Around 30 pupils, teachers and parents will be able to enter the premises at once, as the camera can both detect and single out the source of the heat amongst a large collection of people.

Susan Hotine, admin officer at the Pennington Junior school, has said that the thermal camera is ‘an amazing asset for the running of the school, not just during a pandemic but for the foreseeable future. Originally, we were stopping every individual on their way into the building but now the start of each day runs much more smoothly and comfortably.’

While this technology should not be treated as a medical diagnosis of COVID-19, it is highly effective in detecting high temperatures (a key symptom of the virus). It also includes an optional face-mask detection feature.

The thermal camera now lives at the main entrance to the school and will send alerts via email to the school office, alerting members of staff if an individual with an unusually high temperature enters the facility. JB Services Group offers free, non-obligation site surveys for businesses that are interested in the installation of this risk-reducing technology.

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