JBSG partners with Surface Solutions to offer ‘Detect and Protect’ packages for local businesses

Companies are returning to their offices, remote workers are integrating back into their HQ and we are all adapting to a new normal, yet COVID-19 is far from a distant memory. In fact, many business owners are aware that health and safety precautions are more important than ever and certain measurements must be put in place to avoid further waves of infection.

Therefore, JB Services Group have partnered with another local company, Surface Solutions, to deliver a range of protection and sanitisation products that aim at keeping companies and their teams safe.

Surface Solutions are based on the south coast, established for over 25 years. They specialise in surface refurbishment, coatings and sterilisation. Surface Solutions are proud to always use industrial leading equipment, utilising highly researched methods, to always give their customers excellent results. 

David Hallett, Contracts Manager at Surface Solutions, has labelled their partnership with JB Services Group a ‘no-brainer’, as the two companies come together to offer ‘Detect and Protect’ packages to businesses in the local area.

These packages include products such as the Dry Steam Fogging Unit – an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use sanitiser that kills up to 99% of viruses – as well as the installation and maintenance of Heat Detection technology.

JB Services Group has been installing Heat Detection cameras in a number of facilities across The New Forest and they believe this technology is essential in the protection of a company’s clients, colleagues and customers.

Feedback so far has been extremely positive. The camera is able to screen up to 45 people at once from a 10-metre distance, ensuring that no one enters a facility with an abnormally high temperature (a key symptom of COVID-19).

Currently, JB Services Group and Surface Solutions are in promising talks with theme park operators in the South. These businesses see hundreds of customers daily and they want to do everything possible to keep visiting families safe at all times.

Around the UK, heat detection cameras are fast becoming a key line of defense in the re-opening of a number of industries, including in aviation, construction and retail

JB Services Group have most recently installed a Heat Detection camera for free at Pennington Junior school, after seeing first-hand the effect that a localised COVID-19 scare has on the community.

Schools are a hugely deserving facility for this protective technology but are often faced with budget restrictions. Therefore, JBSG and Surface Solutions team have pledged to donate one Heat Detection camera to a local school for every 10 that they install in UK businesses. The purchaser of every tenth camera will be able to pick a school of their choice for this donation and free installation.

Get in touch if you are interested in learning more about our ‘Detect and Protect’ Business Packages or find out more here.

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